Monday, January 16, 2006

First Kisses

Lucie and Boonie are going for a short trial adoption at the end of this week. Hopefully the adopters' entire family will accept and grow to love 'em kitties, and there'll be a happy ending for all.

Lucie seemed to know this when I picked her up for a cuddle this evening. Normally she perches daintily on our shoulders, with a quiet look of resignation at her humans' sloppy and embarrassing displays of affection.

Tonight, she leaned against my shoulder with her full (albeit light) weight. Nuzzled her sweet small apple-shaped head against my neck. And began to smooch my face with delicate little licklicklicks.

A cat has got to be really into her human to do that, y'all.

Sometimes I'm convinced that even if animals can't speak, they know what we're trying to express. They sense the movements in our soul.

And I think for a moment, Lucie was reaching out to me in her own way, just to comfort, just to say We're almost there now, and thank you for wanting me to be happy.

Yeah. I hope everything works out too.

The Woman

ps/ Oh please dear God don't let Boonie meow the house down and annoy everyone when he's there. Some cats just can't. Stop. Talking.

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