Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Calling All Black Cat Fans

Black cats are uniquely charismatic. Sleek, smart and suave, they inspire admiration, awe and sometimes even superstitious fear. Yeah they're cool.

So you must check this out, dear readers, yes all 1.5 of you. Well, actually Gucci's got a little white spot on his chest but never mind, he rocks.

For Daryl, if you're reading this. ;)


++Edit++ Umm sorry. 5-Cat Style, ex-foster of Gucci, informs me that Gucci's all black. Yes yes. So check out the pics and this time, feel free to snigger at me. Heh! *sheepish* ;)

Hi CatDonna!

Actually, Gucci is a fully black cat. He doesn't have a white spot on his chest. I think you've mistaken the silver bell on his collar as a spot. ;)

~5-Cat Style

This is what happens when you blog with sleep deprivation. :)

It happens to me all the time too. Blood-shot eyes... blurry vision... dried-out contact lenses that threaten to fall out with each blink... the whole works! I sometimes even have cat fur happily resting on my lashes.

~5-Cat Style
Dried up sticky contacts sound scary! Don't they hurt your eyes... I don't wear 'em so I wouldn't know.

The cat fur all over the face, ah that is familiar though.

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