Monday, January 23, 2006


The woman is in a very bad mood today. Apparently there have been some very nasty things happening at work.

It is therefore my privilege... yet again, as the better writer... to produce a post worthy of my erudite brilliance. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

Nah, I think I'll just sit around and clean my butt instead. In a minute.


It's times like these, when the woman is all annoyed with stuff like work, her weight, her cats [but not the I, never! the I], that the best thing to do is to remember the good.

Remember the friends.

Remember the love.

Remember the air, the sunshine, the warmth, the life.

Most of all, be still and remember that this moment of frustration is only a moment; it rushes past, then fades away; there is something greater, far greater than all this, only just be still;

Be still. The mad rush, the voices in your head, the muttering convulsing insanities of this world.

Peace, be still. And listen, listen carefully... for the One simultaneously Out There in the greater universe and also in you, is Himself listening to the softest murmurs of your heart.

I've always believed this: in times of trouble, to listen. Carefully. Because somewhere in the midst of tinkling star and whispering heart, you can hear Him laughing.

And His joy will give you strength.


Dang, I am good.


oh pip, I am your greatest fan! Hahaha
What fantastic shots of such beautiful cats.

~5-Cat Style
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