Thursday, December 29, 2005

Our Virrrrrrgin Post

"With Cats, some say, one rule is true:
Don't speak till you are spoken to."
- T.S. Eliot (in more coherent, pre-"Wasteland" days)

Tchah! Still, he understands us well - on that one point, at least. We are a bunch of Cats and Kittens who live together, somewhat contentedly, with the occasional squabble. Four rabbits live with us, but we don't mess with them. Oh no.

We also have two People who take care of us, unfortunately they are one male and one female, and hopefully they won't be planning any more. God knows there's barely enough space for us cats. Maybe they should consider sterilisation.

Being the incorrigible attention seekers that we are, we shall introduce ourselves. Slowly. Our paws are aching from this unfamiliar strain, and coordinating five cats plus two kittens on one keyboard is as ridiculous as herding... cats? Agh. nvj%5bjioyhd\xfm,la.g2XE]]]]]]]]EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE stop that.

Today's Cat introduction, our first:

This is Teddy you see in the photo, a ginger half-Persian male. The People found him as a 3-week-old tied up in a plastic bag next to the garbage disposal area in the neighbourhood. Tragically, it could have been the temporary lack of oxygen to his brain that has made Teddy one of the dumbest animals to walk this planet. Whoever heard of a cat who ran into walls repeatedly in excitement? Still, he's a friendly little dear and very, very pretty, so all is fair.

More intros and pics as and when we feel like it.

Chief Editor & Dominatrix
For The Cats @ CK Apartments, Singapore

Teddy is so cute!
I'm so envy you own the lovely kitty.
Hi. :) Yeah, and he's sweet. A rare find.
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